And the winner is…

And the winner is…

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Wondering why your favorite Sporcle Live venue has looked like this all month?

    If you have been hiding under a rock, or otherwise involved in a lifestyle that doesn’t revolve around sporting events, you may not know that the 2018 FIFA World Cup just ended! We’d like to celebrate the end of this exciting worldwide competition alongside an even more exciting nationwide competition that’s also wrapping up soon – the 2018 Spring/Summer season of the Sporcle Live Pub Champions Trivia League. Here are some FAQs about both.

    (If you’d like to continue in blissful sports ignorance, skip the text and watch this funny video of a slow-motion soccer ball to the face instead.)

    When did it all start?
    The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off on June 14th, when host Russia faced off against Saudi Arabia in Moscow.
    The 2018 Spring/Summer season of the Sporcle Live Pub Champions Trivia League kicked off on April 23rd when teams faced off for nerdy supremacy at venues across the nation.
    How long does it last?
    After 64 matches played in 12 venues across 11 different Russian cities, the champions were crowned in the same arena on July 15th.
    After 13 weeks of trivia games, played 2 times a night at over 400 venues in different United States cities, the League Champions will be crowned on August 5th.
    What do the winners get?
    Acclaim and hero status in their homeland and a hefty financial bonus from their national Football Association. Plus the FIFA World Cup trophy, made of 18 carat gold. The World Cup has a $400 million prize pool.
    Acclaim and hero status at their home venue and a financial prize from Sporcle Live. Plus a glorious trophy. Sporcle Live Championships have a $30 thousand prize pool.

    How Many Players Are Allowed On A Team?

    11 players are allowed on the pitch at one time, but each nation can bring 23 players to the tournament, three of which must be goalkeepers.
    5 players are allowed on a team at one time during Venue Tournaments and League Championships, but each team can bring any number of players during the regular season.

    Is There An Official Song?

    Jason Derulo’s “Colors.” For both.*

    *Just kidding. Sporcle Live Championships don’t have an official song… yet

      We solemnly swear we are up to no good, and we want you to join us for your chance at cash prizes as we quiz you on everyone’s favorite wizard at our next fun Sporcle Live theme night! Cash prizes will be awarded. Tickets are $25 for up to 5 players and they will go fast.  Buy yours now!

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        The Pub Champions Trivia League lets your team compete for trivia supremacy at your favorite Sporcle Live bars. At the end of each season, each bar hosts a Venue Tournament where the winning team advances to the League Championship to compete for big cash prizes. And, it’s free to sign up and play!

        PCTL Information

          Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!

          1. Mon – 7/16/18 – Name the Country
          2. Tue – 7/17/18 – Cliché Word Ladder
          3. Wed – 7/18/18 – Structure Silhouettes
          4. Thu – 7/19/18 – GoT Castles
          5. Fri – 7/20/18 – ‘H’ Things
          6. Sat – 7/21/18 – Missing Movie Titles
          7. Sun – 7/22/18 – Biblical Words

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