Here’s This Week’s Awesome Oktoberfest Newsletter!

Here’s This Week’s Awesome Oktoberfest Newsletter!

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It’s time to dust off your lederhosen!

“Oktoberfest?” you may say. “Isn’t it a little early to be talking about that in a Newsletter? It is September, after all.”

Well, you are correct about one thing – it’s September 17th – but it isn’t too early to talk about Oktoberfest! Munich’s 185th annual Oktoberfest happens Sept 22-Oct 7 and other cities across the world hold their own version of the event anytime from mid-September to mid-October.


In the early 1800s, the event was celebrated primarily with the focus on horse racing. Other attractions were tree climbing, bowling, and swings. As of 1818, carnival booths appeared, awarding mainly silver, porcelain, and jewelry as prizes. Some things have changed since then, but what stayed the same was that among the many attractions featured at modern Oktoberfests, the “liquid gold” is of course the most important thing. Over six million attendees in Munich will drink over 6 million liters of beer this year. (For perspective, that is enough to fill nearly three Olympic-size swimming pools.)

That beer isn’t just any normal drink you could buy at the grocery – traditional Oktoberfest events serve only beer that meets Bavarian purity requirements as decreed by Duke William IV in 1516. The beer has to be brewed within the bounds of Munich, with specific quality ingredients per the Reinheitsgebot: water, hops, and barley.

We encourage you to practice your schunkeln, buy a beer that meets your personal purity standard, and bring a little bit of Germany to your Sporcle Live show this month!

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        1. Mon – 9/17/18 – Gimme an ‘F’
        2. Tue – 9/18/18 – 90s Music Videos
        3. Wed – 9/19/18 – Home Run Kings
        4. Thu – 9/20/18 – Famous Specs
        5. Fri – 9/21/18 – Missing 4 Letter Words
        6. Sat – 9/22/18 – EPL Team Names
        7. Sun – 9/23/18 – Oscar Alphabet

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