Here’s This Week’s Lucky Sporcle Live Newsletter!

Here’s This Week’s Lucky Sporcle Live Newsletter!

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The Saints Are Still Marching in!

This Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day, which means it’s time to clothe yourself in your green swag or face the consequences of your fashion faux pas! Historically, Saint Patty’s Day was a religious holiday that is now more of a celebration of the culture and history of Ireland. We’ve included some fun bits of trivia and some related quizzes to help you get in the mood for the fantastic day!

Saint Patrick wasn’t born in Ireland. Saint Pat was of Roman descent from either Scotland or Wales, but is most notable for bringing Christianity to Ireland.

The holiday began as a religious holiday, which meant that alcohol couldn’t be sold on that day. That’s a polar difference from today, considering that it is now heavily associated with being celebrated with copious amounts of libations!

Corned beef and cabbage is a staple of the holiday, but did you wonder why it’s called corned beef? Obviously, there isn’t any corn in the beef, so what gives? Originally when corned beef was made, they used large salt chunks to cure the meat. Due to their appearance, they earned the name ‘corns’. 


Let’s see how good your quizzing skills are! Here are a few quizzes specifically about the emerald isles and Saint Patrick’s day!

From Sporcle Live HQ, have a wonderful Week and a safe Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s coming! The biggest and baddest event yet. Sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Drama, inspiration, mystery, and thrill. It’s Motor City Comic Con!

Over 250 comic book creators, writers, and artists, as well as more than 50 actors, will highlight the attraction. And now Sporcle Live trivia is joining the line-up! We’ll be playing 8 themed trivia games over the course of the weekend related to the guest celebrities and the event itself. Stay tuned for a list of specific themes and times. Tickets will be available soon and we can’t wait to quiz you there

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    Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!

    1. Mon – 3/11/19 – NHL Goalies
    2. Tue – 3/12/19 –  Biblical Foods
    3. Wed – 3/13/19 – Celeb Names ‘JA’-‘JZ’
    4. Thu – 3/14/19 – 4-Letter Word Ladder
    5. Fri – 3/15/19 – Broadway Costumes
    6. Sat – 3/16/19 – Big Cities
    7. Sun – 3/17/19 – 3-Word Movies

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