Here’s This Week’s Sporcle Live Newsletter!

Here’s This Week’s Sporcle Live Newsletter!

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Welcome to Week 7!

We are a third of the way into our 21 week season of the newly renovated Pub Champions Trivia League. There are many new features and changes that we’ve made to the league, and we’ll periodically take a moment to dissect a portion of the changes for you.

This week, we’re going to discuss becoming the Venue Champion. Each venue that plays at least 8 shows during the regular season will have a Venue Champion. Venue Champions get first dibs on the open spots at the Semi-Finals. Each Semi-Final Tournament will have a $750 prize pool.

How do I become a Venue Champion?
At the end of the show, each registered team’s scores from both games are added together and posted online. Your 12 highest scores will be added together, at the end of the season, the team with the highest total score will be crowned the Venue Champion. You do have to play 12 games to qualify as the Venue Champion. Failing to meet the minimum number of games will invalidate your contention for Venue Champion, regardless of score ranking.

How do I check my score?
You can check your score on your venue’s location page at  if you’re viewing the locations page on your cellphone, you will have to select “view full site” at the bottom of the page in order to access the tab with all of the total scores listed.

Are Venue Champions the only ones that get to go on to the Semi-Finals?
No, they get first picks on the open spots at our Semi-Finals, but we plan to have several open spots for teams who play on a regular basis, with second picks going to teams who have played at least 15 shows, and any remaining spots will be open to anyone with at least 8 shows played.

What if my state doesn’t have a Semi-Finals and how do I know if it does?
Not every state will have a Semi-Final Tournament. Some smaller market states only have State Championships, while many states have at least 4 Semi-Final tournaments. We will cover these details in an upcoming newsletter. You can see if your state does have a Semi-Final Tournament on our Leagues page.

I’m a Venue Champion in California, but I’d rather try for the bigger prize in Washington
All of our State Championship games are open for our Venue Champions to RSVP. However, if a team wants to play in a different state’s championship, and that state has Semi-Finals, the team still must qualify for the Championships through a Semi-Final, and Venue Champions can only RSVP to one Semi-Final per season.

For more information, please check out We’ll have another informative update on how the new league changes work as we progress through the season. Stay tuned, and #SporcleOn!

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    Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!

    1. Mon – 2/18/19 – Country Borders
    2. Tue – 2/19/19 –  Words Ending in ‘B’
    3. Wed – 2/20/19 – Denver Receivers
    4. Thu – 2/21/19 – Word Ladder
    5. Fri – 2/22/19 – Capital Adventure
    6. Sat – 2/23/19 – 70s Albums A-Z
    7. Sun – 2/24/19 – Song Word Ladder

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