Here’s This Week’s Super Sweet Newsletter!

Here’s This Week’s Super Sweet Newsletter!

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Happy Halloween!

In the true spirit of Douglas Adams, we conclude this two-part Halloween series with a third part!

What’s your favorite Halloween treat? Is it a sweet brick of cocoa, like a Hershey’s bar? Could it be something slightly salty, like a PayDay? Maybe you prefer your peanuts smashed into a paste and wrapped in a chocolatey vehicle such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Perhaps you lean towards a much more fruity and colorful arrangement of flavor that goes by the name of Skittles! Whatever your favorite treat is, it is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of your youth, while you release if from it’s prison of plastic wrapping!

Eating candy may be the most fun thing about it, but we think you’ll enjoy learning a bit of trivia about those caloric honeypots. Here are a few interesting facts about America’s favorite guilty pleasure:

  • Three Musketeers candy bars originally were three separate bars, each consisting of a unique flavor (Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry)
  • More than half of all children prefer chocolate treats in their trick or treat buckets (and almost every parent sneaks a piece out of their kid’s stash!)
  • Milky Way candy bars were originally crafted to be a candy bar version of a malted milkshake. 
  • The chocolate filling in between the wafers of a Kit-Kat bar are actually made from crushed up reject Kit-Kats

If you’re looking for more guilt-free mental treats, check out these fun Sporcle quizzes:

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        Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!

        1. Mon – 10/29/18 – TV Lyrics
        2. Tue – 10/30/18 –  ‘W’ Things
        3. Wed – 10/31/18 – Combo Countries
        4. Thu – 11/1/18 – Common Link
        5. Fri – 11/2/18 – ‘P’ Words
        6. Sat – 11/3/18 – Historical Haikus
        7. Sun – 11/4/18 – Moon Quiz

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