Here’s This Week’s Turkey Flavored Sporcle Live Newsletter!

Here’s This Week’s Turkey Flavored Sporcle Live Newsletter!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The week of Thanksgiving has finally come! This is a time to come together and be grateful for the things in life that we sometimes take for granted. Thanksgiving is a day for gathering with family, friends, and loved ones. Whether you’re aware of it or not, there are 3 North American natives that most of us traditionally indulge in on this Holiday: Turkey, Cranberries, and football!

Here are some interesting facts about our 3 American natives:

Ancestors of the modern turkey have been roaming the United States as far back as 75 million years ago. They can run up to 25 mph, fly up to 55 mph, and are quite brave little birdies. That red dangling piece protruding from just above their beak is called a snood. Turkeys roost in trees at night and use their fierce talons to dig into the tree branches to offer a firm anchor while sleeping.

As mentioned earlier, cranberries are a native species to the United States. Over half of the world’s supply of cranberries are harvested in Wisconsin. Recipes using cranberries date back to at least the 18th century. With the advent of the ‘wet’ harvesting method, where bogs would be flooded to make harvesting significantly more efficient, came about the necessity for a method to prepare aesthetically blemished cranberries. The ultimate solution for this problem was the canned jellied cranberry sauce that is now a staple of your Thanksgiving feast. 

Football began to evolve from rugby in the late 1800s. Teams initially could not throw forward pass, and had 3 attempts to move the ball 5 yards. This is where the 5-yard marks come from. The first televised pro game aired in 1939 to only a few hundred people.

Here are some sweet Sporcle quizzes to give you something to do while digesting your great Thanksgiving feast:


From the entire Sporcle Live staff, we’re grateful for all of our players that share our passion for mentally stimulating diversions!
Happy Thanksgiving!

    We’re on a photo scavenger hunt for images of our awesome live trivia shows! We want to share with the world great photo ops of our players, hosts, and even pets having an amazing time and getting into the action of an evening of Sporcle Live trivia!

    If you’ve got a camera, and are up for the challenge of capturing all of the awesomeness of our shows, check out last week’s newsletter for all of the details!

    Looking for the perfect entertainment for your company’s holiday party or family gathering? Let Sporcle take the reigns and deliver the gift of live trivia!
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      Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!

      1. Mon – 11/19/18 – Movies A-Z
      2. Tue – 11/20/18 –  100 Movie Quotes
      3. Wed – 11/21/18 – European Geography
      4. Thu – 11/22/18 – Happy Thanksgiving!
      5. Fri – 11/23/18 – 80s Horror Movies
      6. Sat – 11/24/18 – From Andy to Red
      7. Sun – 11/25/18 – Name That Fruit

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