It’s the Ultimate Trivia Season Finale!

It’s the Ultimate Trivia Season Finale!

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Where do we go from here?

We’ve reached the last week of the Pub Champions Trivia League season and are just a week away from opening the Championship RSVP window! All qualified league teams will be contacted via email this weekend. If you feel like you’ve met one of the requirements to RSVP, but don’t receive an email from us by Sunday, please email that day to clarify. The RSVP window will open Monday, 6/3, and as soon as you are eligible to reply, it is in your best interest to do so.

Below is a timeline of all the specific dates to RSVP. You cannot RSVP prior to the date for which you qualify. You are permitted to RSVP on any of the three days after the day you qualify, but it’s possible seats may fill up if you procrastinate.

In addition to contacting all of our qualified teams by email, we will also post a link at If you have questions, we’re experts in providing answers! Check out our FAQ page or email us at

Where will the Semi-Final Games be?

A compiled list of all Semi-Final locations is below! All Semi-Final will be held on Saturday, June 8th, at 1 PM local time.

Mo Dailey’s
Curragh – Glenview
Old Republic

Primanti Bros – Taylor
Grand Tavern – Livonia
5 Lakes
Ypsi Alehouse
Eternity Brewing

Fulton Brewing
Stray Dog

Jed’s BBQ & Brew – Findlay
Ralphie’s – Holland
Draft Room – Westerville
District PourHouse – Columbus
Bellacino’s – Stow
Game Time – Canton
Buffalo Wild Wings – Fairview Park
Buffalo Wild Wings – Cleveland Heights

Halcyon – Dallas
Steam Theory
II Brothers
White Rock

JJ Mahoney’s
The Dock
The Lodge – West Seattle

This Weekend’s Theme Night!

Harry Potter – Sunday, June 2nd
Grab your Firebolt and let Sporcle Live be your date to the Yule Ball while you compete in the tournament of the century at Harry Potter trivia. Get your tickets before they disapparate!

For a complete list of upcoming theme nights, visit

Some of our favorite trivia questions from last week…

From Saturday, 5/18: “Name 2 of the 3 authors who, according to Publishers Weekly, had the bestselling novel of the year at least 2 times from 2000-2009.” (John Grisham, JK Rowling and Dan Brown.)

From Wednesday, 5/22: “What franchise has appeared on the most Monday Night Football games, with 81 appearances? They are the only team to have never gone consecutive seasons without a Monday night game.” (Miami Dolphins.)

From Thursday, 5/23: “In February 2019, what group reached #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart for the third time overall, but the first time in more than 18 years?” (Backstreet Boys.)

From Friday, 5/24: “Name the TV series that debuted in 2006 with the tagline ‘All of the Law. None of the Order.'” (Psych.)

Each week we add more trivia nights to our roster. Click here to see our newest trivia nights and give a new game a warm welcome to the Sporcleverse!

If you’re nice, like trivia, and can read, then you’re very likely overqualified for the job of trivia host! What are you waiting for? Apply today!

Monday – 5/27/19 
What 1999 film starring Heath Ledger is a modernization of the Shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew? 

Tuesday – 5/28/19
What 8-letter word, which begins and ends with the same letter, can be defined as a brief overview of a novel, play, or movie? 

Wednesday – 5/29/19 
The signs of the Western zodiac that fall during October are Libra and which other sign? 

Thursday – 5/30/19 
The diameter of a circle is how many times longer than its radius? 

Friday – 5/31/19

Jakob Dylan, the son of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, has been the lead singer of what band since 1989? 

Saturday – 6/1/19
What is the capital of Iowa? 

Sunday – 6/2/19
What children’s apparel company founded in Wisconsin in 1895 is known for their bibbed overalls?

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