Newsletter: Do us a favor, pretty please?

Newsletter: Do us a favor, pretty please?

Announcing May Theme Nights!

Harry Potter – Sunday, May 5th
Declare your team’s house – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin – and earn points with every correct answer. We’ll find out who’s the biggest Harry Potter nerd among us, and which house is the best – at your trivia night and nation-wide! Accio tickets!

Parks & Recreation – Sunday, May 12th

We promise the playlist will be more than Bette Midler, German Death Reggae, and Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s. Sorry, April. Treat yo’self to a night of trivia with your most perfect sunflower friends!

Friends – Sunday, May 19th

Unlike Phoebe, we have a computer we can use to send you emails about our upcoming shows! What’s not to like? Food – good. Drinks – good. Trivia – good! Pivot to get your tickets today.

Star Wars – Sunday, May 26th

Attention all scruffy-looking Nerf herders! We’ve got the droids you’re looking for. Can you bullseye a womp rat in your T-16? Do you know the way to Tosche Station? Are IV, V and VI your favorite roman numerals? Original Trilogy fans, use the force to get your ticket.

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About Last Week…

One of the hardest final questions we’ve ever asked happened last Tuesday, 4/23. Only 7.97% of teams answered correctly. Were you one of them?

The question asked, “The U.S. version of Survivor has aired thirteen seasons where the subtitle of the season is the name of a country. Which of those countries is largest by total area?”

You could approach this question by either relying on your encyclopedic knowledge of Survivor’s 38 seasons(!), or by going through largest countries by land area and matching them to the season subtitles. Since there hasn’t yet been a Survivor set in Russia, Canada, or the U.S., China was the answer!

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Turn in the answer to each question for a 3-pt bonus in game one.

Monday, 4/29/3019
Gordon Ramsay hosted 7 seasons of what reality show from 2007-2014? 

Tuesday – 4/30/19
In the “Super Mario” universe, what is the name of Mario’s green dinosaur sidekick? 

Wednesday – 5/1/19
What Mel Brooks directed-film features characters named Dark Helmet and Prince Valium?

Thursday – 5/2/19
The children on the FOX animated series Bob’s Burgers are Gene, Louise, and what third child? 

Friday – 5/3/19
What British band’s song “Radio Ga Ga” was the inspiration for Lady Gaga’s stage name? 

Saturday – 5/4/19
What Star Wars character uttered these final words before dying? “Luke, when gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be.”

Sunday – 5/5/19
Cinco de Mayo celebrates an unlikely Mexican victory at what battle?

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