Sporcle Live Newsletter – It’s Time to Chill Out!

Sporcle Live Newsletter – It’s Time to Chill Out!

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Summertime has arrived!

The summer is just barely beginning, but the weather has been “summer appropriate” for a solid month now. We have the sun to thank for our existence and for this mostly warm planet. Along with the necessity for warmth and light for us to survive, comes the consequences of the sun. Combating the side effects of the of the giant gaseous star that makes a regular appearance in our sky is one of the human race’s top priorities.

The days of swamp coolers, wet towels, and giant ice blocks have long since been antiquated. Residential air conditioning (read: my best friend) broadened the scope of habitable regions across the globe. As science and technology advances, so will our ability to manipulate our environment. Perhaps one day our clothes will become self-contained personal climate control devices.

Not every option is quite as complex and ever-evolving as the A/C. Some things just need to be equal parts cold, delicious, and refreshing! Some of the best parts of this time of year is the indulgence in cool, refreshing treats. Frozen snacks such as ice cream, shaved ice, and popsicles are staples on a hot summer day. If you’re really looking to up the refreshment ante, then you should try a mangonada! This deliciously sweet, tangy, and a little bit spicy Mexican chamoy dessert is not only a cultural delicacy, it is also an explosion of amazing flavors! A mangonada is a bit complex a treat to make yourself, so it is recommended that you find a place that makes chamoy goodies near you to grab one of these extravagant refreshments!

No matter how you choose to avoid the heat, remember that Sporcle Live has new shows popping up all over the country! We even include a link in every newsletter (below) to keep you updated on all of our new shows! We also publish every new show to our @sporcleschedule Twitter account.  If you’re looking for great music, awesome trivia, cold beer, and unlimited air conditioning, then we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to check out our locations page to see where you can get your trivia itch scratched tonight!

    We’re gonna go Back In Time for our next Sporcle Live theme night as we quiz you on some totally tubular 80s Movies! Cash prizes will be awarded. Tickets are $25 for up to 5 players and they will go fast.  Buy yours now!

    Sporcle Live players make the BEST hosts! Got what it takes? Apply today! We are hiring in many areas but have an immediate need in Mankato, MN, Minneapolis, MN, Brighton, MI, Waterford, MI, Galion, OH, Cleveland, OH, River Falls, WI, Canton, MI, Belleville, MI, Frisco, TX. Apply now!

    Click Here to check out our newest shows across the country! Don’t see one near you and want to help us find a place all while earning up to $500? Send an email to sales@sporcle.com to learn more about our New Locations Rewards program! 

      The Pub Champions Trivia League lets your team compete for trivia supremacy at your favorite Sporcle Live bars. At the end of each season, each bar hosts a Venue Tournament where the winning team advances to the League Championship to compete for big cash prizes. And, it’s free to sign up and play!

      PCTL Information

        Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!

        1. Mon – 6/25/18 – NFL Teams
        2. Tue – 6/26/18 – Word Hourglass
        3. Wed – 6/27/18 – Countries by Size
        4. Thu – 6/28/18 – Canadian Lyrics
        5. Fri – 6/29/18 – Tiny Trivia
        6. Sat – 6/30/18 – Jabberwocky Word Hunt
        7. Sun – 7/01/18 – NFL: Receivers

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