The PCTL Has Changed! Read All About it in This Week’s Sporcle Live Newsletter!

The PCTL Has Changed! Read All About it in This Week’s Sporcle Live Newsletter!

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The PCTL Just Got Bigger & Better! 

Sporcle Live continues to grow each and every season, along with the level of competition. With that said, we’re giving out more money, holding more competitions for cash prizes, and giving you an opportunity to compete on a scale that is perfect for your team! Here are the changes that will take effect in our next season, beginning Monday, January 7th:

Longer seasons
We will now have 2 seasons a year instead of the previous 3 seasons, and each season will now be 21 weeks long, plus tournaments.

No more Venue Tournaments
There will no longer be a Venue Tournament. Instead, the team with the highest cumulative score from at that venue will become the Venue Champion. At the end of the season, each team will have their 12 best scores added together. The team with the highest total score will be crowned the Venue Champion. 

There will be more cash Tournaments that award more money!
Each season we’ll award $50,000 in prizes at Semi-Finals and State Championships. We will no longer have Divisions. Instead, Venue Champions qualify to play at the tournaments of their choosing. Every state with at least 5 shows will have a State Championship. Every state with at least 30 shows will hold Semi-Final Tournaments, with a $750 cash prize pool prior to that state’s tournament. If a state has a Semi-Final tournament, teams must compete in those in order to advance to that state’s championship. Annually Sporcle Live will host a National Championship at Trivia Con, which all State Champions will be invited to participate in, with a $10,000 minimum prize pool. Listed below is the prize breakdown per state:

You don’t have to be a Venue Champion to play in a Tournament
At the end of the season, Sporcle will open up the RSVP window for the Semi-Finals (as well as the State Championships in the markets that do not have Semi-Finals). On the first day, all Venue Champions will be allowed to RSVP to any location of their choosing. On the second day, any team that has played 15 games at any combination of venues may RSVP for any of the open spots left available. Finally, any team that has played 8 shows during the season will be allowed to RSVP for the spots (if any) that remain. 

For more information, Check out our Sporcle Live Pub Champions Trivia League rules Page. 2019 WIll bring in a brand new & better PCTL. Good luck, and we’re excited about the amazing future of Sporcle Live!

    It’s like your score is always stuck in second gear.
    When it hasn’t been your team’s day, week, month, or even year.
    Sporcle will be there for you!
    With our next theme night all about Friends!


    The Friends theme night is this Wednesday, December 19th!
    For ticket and location information, please visit

    Looking for the perfect entertainment for your company’s holiday party or family gathering? Let Sporcle take the reins and deliver the gift of live trivia!
    For more information and to book your event, please visit

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      Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!

      1. Mon – 12/17/18 – Quiz ‘On’
      2. Tue – 12/18/18 –  Missing Timberlake
      3. Wed – 12/19/18 – McGregor Movies
      4. Thu – 12/20/18 – American History ‘L’
      5. Fri – 12/21/18 – Fantasy Word Ladder
      6. Sat – 12/22/18 – Flags of Food
      7. Sun – 12/23/18 – Christmas Scramble

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