This Week’s Sporcle Live Newsletter is Set in the Hundred Acre Wood

This Week’s Sporcle Live Newsletter is Set in the Hundred Acre Wood

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It’s Hibernation Season!

January 18th will mark the 137th birthday of the late A. A. Milne, creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, who has been a children’s favorite for nearly a century. Good ol’ Pooh bear makes his way into our question set from time to time (Likely looking for a sweet pot of unattended honey). Most recently, he was the answer to our final question on Wednesday, January 2nd:

‘What literary character, who has also appeared in other media, lives in a house with the name “Mr. Sanders” above the door, which may refer to a previous owner?’

Milne originally developed the character based a stuffed bear that his son Christopher Robin owned, named Winnie. Winnie was actually named after Christopher’s favorite animal at the London zoo, a Canadian black bear.

Winnie was an orphan that had been sold by the hunter who shot her mother to a Canadian Army Lieutenant named Harry Colebourn during WWI. The bear cub traveled with Colebourn and his men to a base in England, where she’d taken on the role as their mascot. When the men were due to be shipped out to France, Lt. Colebourn donated the bear to the London zoo, where she lived out the rest of her days as a beloved attraction and favorite of young Christopher Robin.

One of the great beauties of life is that sometimes the story behind the story can be more rich than what it inspires. Happy birthday A.A., thanks for all the great tales!

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