Wednesday’s Doc’s Big City Saloon 8PM

Doc's Big City Saloon
Doc’s Big City Saloon

Join us every Wednesday for a great night of FREE Sporcle Live Trivia starting at 8PM with another game at 9PM! Tell your friends, online acquaintances, or maybe challenge your biggest antagonist to a fun general knowledge game of Trivia.

I’ll be the regular Trivia Host so check my page  to get daily clues, photos, and ways to earn extra points!

See You Every Wednesday 🙂


Most Recent Wednesday Post, Expand To View Clue and Get Points…

It’s Wednesday and I will bring FREE Sporcle Live Trivia to Doc’s Big City Saloon in Bowling Green starting at 8PM! Come on over and join us for a great mix of Trivia and you may walk away with gift cards from the $50 Prize Pool.

The Kitchen is now open and you can enjoy some Cameo Pizza and Subs!


Also remember the Pub League Championship and by joining this free league and playing trivia you can qualify for a chance to win $2500 in cash prizes!

3 Point Quiz of the Day

Before heading out to a show, click below to play the corresponding day’s quiz. Write the answer to the first question on the 3-Point bonus slip for a head start in game one!