We’re PCTL Train is Nearing the Station!

We’re PCTL Train is Nearing the Station!

We’re Down to the Final Weeks!

We’ve made it to week 19 of the new and improved Pub Champions Trivia League season. Now that we’re almost to the end of the season, let’s talk about what will happen in the coming weeks. If you’re confused about how anything will function or what you need to do, please make sure to read all of the details in this newsletter. If you still have questions, NOW is the time to ask them – email us at league@sporcle.com.

The final week of the PCTL season is Monday, May 27th – Sunday, June 2nd.  Venue Champions will be notified via email the weekend of June 1st-2nd, and permitted to RSVP for their choice of Semi-Final venues beginning on Monday, June 3rd. Should you qualify as a Venue Champion, it is very important that you email us your RSVP as soon as possible because space at the Semi-Finals is first-come, first-serve. RSVPs won’t close for you but they will be opened up to other teams, and space is limited.

On Tuesday, June 4th, any League teams that have played at least 15 games will be invited to RSVP. Next, on Wednesday, June 5th, we open up the remaining spots to any League teams with at least 8 games played. Again, however you qualify, it is VERY important to RSVP as soon as you’re permitted to reserve your spot.

On Saturday, June 8th, we will hold the Semi-Final tournaments in the states that have Semi-Finals. The top teams at each Semi-Final will advance to the State Championship the following week.

Finally, on Saturday, June 15th, we will hold our State Championships. You MUST be one of the top qualifying teams at a Semi-Final game to advance to this round (unless competing in a state that only has a State Championship). 

To read the official rules, check the prize pools, and see whether your state has Semi-Finals, click the button below!

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This Weekend’s Theme Night!

Friends – Sunday, May 19th
Grab a cup of coffee with your best buds, and put your heads together to determine why smelly cat was just so smelly or whether it’s all a moo point. Tickets are going fast! 

For a complete list of upcoming theme nights, visit sporclelive.com/themenights.

About Last Week…

A little over 75% of teams got this question about Movie Couples right: “Name either of the performers who portray Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel in the 1999 film Sleepy Hollow.” (Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, who completely lack onscreen chemistry.)

50% of teams knew their Comics: “What comic strip character was born in a fictional seaside town, known as Sweetwater or Sweethaven, depending on the source?” (Supposedly, he’s based on a real person in Chester, IL, where E.C. Segar, Popeye’s creator, lived.)

This bit of Stadiums trivia was answered correctly by 25% of teams: “Which Pac-12 university has played its home football games at Folsom Field since 1924?” (UC Boulder’s is the third-highest stadium in D-I football.)

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Monday – 5/13/19 

Redfoo and Sky Blu are the members of what electronic dance music group?

Tuesday – 5/14/19
What cookie has a name from an Italian word meaning “paste”, referring to the almond paste from which it is traditionally made? 

Wednesday – 5/15/19 
What is the legal term for a false spoken statement that damages another person’s reputation or character? 

Thursday – 5/16/19 
What actor played Frank Poncherello on the TV drama CHiPs from 1977-1983? 

Friday – 5/17/19

In what city was actor Will Smith born and raised? 

Saturday – 5/18/19
In a 2007 episode of The Office, Pam was hit on by a man impersonating what historical figure? 

Sunday – 5/19/19
What term that describes a little-known contender who emerges to prominence during a competition is also the title of a song by Katy Perry?

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